Types Of Brackets And Bracket Placement

Orthodontic brackets are the small appliances that are applied to your teeth when choosing to use traditional braces for your orthodontic treatment. Their job is to provide a way for the wires and other appliances to apply force, which results in desired tooth movement.

There are several types of brackets used in orthodontics! Brackets can be made from different materials and will serve a specific and prescribed job. The brackets can be used to correct angulation, inclination, or to rotate your teeth.

Bracket Materials

Metal braces compared to non-metal braces

Lets take a look at the different materials used for brackets and how they are placed on your teeth.   The brackets can be made from several different materials.  These are typically categorized as metal or non-metal.


Metal brackets can be made from stainless steel, titanium, or cobalt-chromium. The benefits of metal brackets are their strength and lack of friction.  Some people choose brackets that are more discreet.

Plastic, Ceramic, Resin

Non-metal brackets can be made from plastic, ceramic, or resin.  These brackets can have a more translucent appearance, and although they do not offer the same strength as metal braces they will still produce beautiful results.

Bracket Placement

Over the course of your treatment brackets may be changed or moved to a different position on your tooth in order to move your teeth into the desired placement. The placement of brackets will not only help with straightening your teeth, they will help produce the ideal smile arch.  You may notice your brackets sit more towards the middle of your teeth or up higher near the gum line.  The picture below shows brackets in a low placement vs a high placement.  The placement of brackets on your teeth will be customized by your Orthodontist for your specific treatment needs.

Placement of brackets during your orthodontic treatment creates a beautiful smile for you by correcting crowding, crooked, and missing teeth. Braces will also correct any bite issues (overbites, deep bites, or underbites) as well as jaw symmetry, realignment & teeth spacing. Your orthodontist will prescribe the specific bracket placements based on your individual needs resulting in a stunning smile!

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