The Dangers Of DIY Orthodontics

Deciding to receive orthodontic treatment is a huge decision. It requires time, patience, and financial commitment in order to achieve healthy and optimal results. To save time and money, young adults have started a dangerous trend of creating DIY braces videos, with instructions of how to use home remedies to straighten their teeth. The team at Ward + Campbell Orthodontics uses certified, professional methods when creating your new smile, and strongly advises against the dangerous practice of DIY Orthodontics. 

Gap Bands Can Cause Long-Term Orthodontic Issues

The American Association of Orthodontists has warned against the use of “gap bands,” which can be used to move teeth at a low price. It consists of looping a small rubber band around the front teeth in order to slowly close an undesired gap. The process may be much quicker than traditional orthodontic treatment, but the costs greatly outweigh the benefits. Trying to correct orthodontic issues using gap bands can have severe consequences including:

  • Loss of Teeth – The rubber band can travel up into the gums, destroying the attachments and roots of teeth, forcing it out of its socket.
  • Bone & Gum Damage – By forcing teeth to move too quickly, you can do permanent damage to the structure of your jaw and bite.
  • Poor Retention – Even if someone successfully shifts their teeth using this method, the teeth will move back to their original position more quickly.
  • Expensive Repairs – Reversing the damages done by at-home orthodontic remedies will end up costing you more than traditional treatment would have in the first place.

DIY Braces & Retainers

In addition to gap bands, there have been stories of young adults attempting to 3D print their own set of braces and retainers. However, even if someone was able to produce their own aligners and move their teeth, they would still be seriously compromising their oral health. The cost of braces and retainers are high, because orthodontists undergo years of medical and dental training to master using appliances. The everyday person has no control over the rate at which teeth move, and the subsequent damage that could occur such as gum recession, infection, or loss of the teeth.

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