Braces Friendly Foods

The time has come and you now have some metal brackets attached to your teeth to help you achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing smile. Unfortunately, braces do come with food limitations. Once in place, you may experience a fairly significant amount of soreness, leading you to search for foods that don’t make the pain any worse. Additionally, you will need to be careful to indulge in foods that will not damage your braces or you will have to come in and visit your orthodontist.

As a heads up to all parents, your child may be a little on edge in the first week. In addition to their potential social discomfort with braces, the first week can make their mouth pretty sore, therefore making them pretty picky.

As an orthodontic practice, we have plenty of experience in providing our patients (even our own children) with braces friendly foods. Take a look!


First and foremost, don’t skip the most important meal of the day! Breakfast will get your brain in gear and provide you with the sustenance needed to get your day on track.

Because they are absolutely delicious and a great start to the day, try having a fruit smoothie. There are dozens of smoothie recipes out there, but our suggestion is to check out Pinterest and choose which ones you like from there.

Another healthy option for breakfast is eggs. Cook them any way you like. Eggs in any shape or form are soft enough to provide comfort to a sore mouth and won’t damage the brackets of your braces.


Although most apples and carrots are a total no-no without preparation, they can still make it into your diet at lunch. For carrots, you can either cook them so that they are nice and soft or make yourself some thinly sliced ribbons. Cooking an apple may be a little strange, but if you make thin enough slices you can still enjoy them. If apples and carrots aren’t your first choice, try thinly slicing cucumbers and peppers.


Dinner can be a little trickier as even foods like pasta can be a nuisance with braces. Our suggestion is to keep it simple for the first little while and enjoy some quinoa and mashed potatoes. Feel free to try mac and cheese and some soups as well. Even soups like chicken noodle contain pieces of chicken and noodles small enough not to cause any problems.

Looking for more tips? Give us a call!

The doctor and staff here at Ward + Campbell Orthodontics are here to help you any way we can. Whether you are looking for some braces friendly recipes or are having a problem with your braces, give us a call. If need be, we would be happy to schedule you for an appointment at a time of your convenience. Our practice serves patients throughout the Twin Falls area.

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